Remote Support

Need instant cost-effective support right now - today?

We can remotely login to your computer using TeamViewer and fix your computer problem.

We explain in easy to understand terms the steps we take in order to get your PC up and running again. First 3 minutes are FREE!

Web Design

Need a good, affordable website that works for you? Custom forms, custom graphics, sliders, online forms, with gallery for only $1100.

Need hosting advice? What about multiple email accounts? Like to stream video from your web site? Talk to our graphic artist and web developer about your virtual front door to the world.

Email Setup

Login ID: loginname@classic
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POP3: 995 SSL
Outgoing (SMTP) requires authentication

2FA authentication available for webmail.

Online support enquiry form

We want you to know that you have reliable, friendly and skilled support with your computer, network, internet, website or any IT related issue - all within a phone call away.

That's our work, and our commitment to you. Onsite at your home or office, throughout the Wheatbelt and Avon regions, as well as remote support while you're at your computer.

Quality and effective support is essential with any new computer. That's why we're here. No need to worry about cables, connections and setup. We do it for you. And if you have an old, tired or virus-infected computer, that's where we can help too.

You're welcome to call us as many times as you want, with each instance of a few minutes support being absolutely free. See our pricing below for hourly rates for onsite and remote support.

Classic IT Support
Enjoy your computing experience!
$ 35


For a 15 minute consultation, either in our office, or remotely via Teamviewer, you'll pleasantly discover that most day-to-day issues can be easily fixed.

The first few minutes are, of course, always free.

$ 66


This is our standard fee for most servicing.

It includes a full half hour of dedicated work on your computer, in our office, onsite or remotely. (Additional travel charges for locations outside Northam may apply).

$ 132


Some situations require the dedicated and focussed expertise of our technician for longer periods.

So, if it takes a full hour getting you back up and running, you'll probably discover this expertise was worth it.


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Current Issues:

May 2023
All seems to be running fine. Please call us immediately should you discover any anomaly or apparent service failure. Your early alerts are always appreciated.


28 Rose Terrace 
Spencers Brook, WA, 6401
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Email: support(at)
Mobile: 0417 177 683