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Classic IT Support

Classic IT Support's technician is available at most times for any emergency support requests.

In the past few weeks, numerous people have reported web hijacks, where they lose control over their computer, hear an automated voice, and see a phone number displayed urging them to call this number. This is a SCAM, a fake alert designed to trick you into thinking something is wrong with your computer. Do not call that number! Call us instead. Or, use Task Manager to kill any open web browsers. We'll quickly get your computer working again.

Shipment delays

April 20, 2020 Being unable to travel to Perth on our weekly purchase trips, we are currently relying on courier services from our Perth based wholesalers to send us our weekly computer component orders. While our local couriers are doing an excellent job, our wholesalers in Perth are currently experiencing delays with shipments from interstate and overseas, an onflow caused by the coronavirus restrictions.

We will continue to update customers with the status of their orders, if and when we are able to obtain any updates. Thank you for your patience

Coronavirus precautions

April 8, 2020 We are currently appraising best work and safety practices regarding the current coronavirus restrictions and quarantine. This means that we are effectively restricted from entering your premises or handling your computer. Thus, we will take all due care to utilise our own keyboard and mice when attending work on your computer. (Did you know that keyboards and mice contain more bugs than anything else in your home or workplace?)

In most cases, we request that you bring your computer to our office where, with spacial distancing in place, we will receive your computer. We will then take all due care to manage your computer or notebook.

Of course, our first preference is to assist you and help manage your IT problem by utilising remote support via Teamviewer. This will eliminate any unneccessary service calls or "return to base" work.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. We believe we have a collective responsibility to manage the unusual and uncertain circumstances we all share.

We also note the devastating effect these current restrictions are having on small businesses such as ours; the past few weeks have been the most difficult and challenging we have ever faced in the past 23 years of providing IT support services.

Catastrophic Server Crash

December 30, 2019 A week ago our primary domains server suffered catastrophic failure at the BIOS level. Investigations are continuing, trying to determine the extent of the damage and whether the failure was caused by hardware or hackers.

The result was that our domains and email server went offline, and it was several hours later before we could begin returning services back to normal on a redundant server. The recovery process is still continuing. The replacement Dell server's current value is at around $10,000. We have had to also purchase new licences, SSL certificates and replacement software at various levels. Our goal now is to raise $12,000 to cover our current costs.

Would you like to assist us by making a donation? We have just re-implemented our "donate" feature with the secure PayPal portal. Your donation at this time is appreciated.

Secure donate via PayPal

We appreciate your support for our philanthropic work. Thank you.

Old email domains

For many years we've had several hyphenated domains, such as and

These domains have now expired in favour of our current domain (without the hyphen).

For those who use our email services, your email password/login credentials remain unchanged. Please don't hesitate to call us should you have any questions or require additional information.

Scams and scammers

Do not accept phone calls allegedly from "Microsoft", "Telstra", or your local bank, unless you are absolutely certain they are legitimate and you can verify their identity. We've had several customers who have been defrauded, believing they were talking to a legitimate support person, for example, when infact, they were engaging criminals intent on stealing banking credentials and funds. These criminals are adept and skillful in convincing users that they represent your provider, when in fact, they are cyber criminals, often working from overseas locations.

Please call us if unsure.

NBN rollout

Many of us now are connected to the newer and faster NBN network. Some users have reported setup and connectivity issues, while others have had a smooth transition. Many have recently commented just how much faster it is.

Please call us should you experience any issues, as we're often familiar with most upstream issues.

We urge you to take up the NBN rollout earlier than later, as the copper analogue network will ultimately be turned off, meaning that you will lose any existing services.


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