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Mobi URL Replacer

Mobi URL Replacer

This free, stand-alone Windows utility is for web developers using Mobirise 4. It simply changes the default embedded URLs in the HTML code of your web pages, prior to FTP uploading, to those that instead reflect your website and authorship.

This is important. As search engines trawl your website, their indexing may add other unwanted vendor information to your search results. Of course, you may manually edit each individual webpage every time you publish it, but this is unnecessarily time consuming.

We hope that Mobi URL Replacer is of some help. It has no malware, nagware, adverts, or popups. Registration is optional.

Mobi URL Replacer Tutorial

Short, introductory video tutorial on using Mobi URL Replacer.

Play the tutorial
Mobi URL Replacer video tutorial
Online Server Monitor

Online Server Monitor 

This free Windows standalone application is handy if you're monitoring a website or a server's online status. Excellent for IT Admins. Leave running on your desktop as it monitors your URL's uptime, and in the case of an outage, receive an audio notification. Uptime shown as DD:HH:MM:SS (since app started). Outage notifications may also be manually emailed. Logging every ten minutes. Free from malware, spyware, adverts or viruses. Download and monitor your website today. 

Classic Sticky Note

Classic Sticky Note 

A free Sticky Note for Windows desktop. As a stand-alone (it does not have to be installed), it will simply run from your desktop. Built for aesthetics, kept simple, with minimal functionality. Now with added Bullets, BOLD, ITALICS and UNDERLINE. (Tip: left-click BOLD, right-click normal)

Classic Desktop Clock

Classic Desktop Clock

Our 2013 clock is an simple desktop time-piece. Its purpose is to help you keep note of the time. Installer allows clock to be run at startup. (Our software has no malware, spyware, nagware, adverts or viruses.)

Windows 10 Classic Wallpaper

Classic Windows 10 Wallpaper

Of course, we all have your favourite wallpaper! But, just in case you like our customised OEM wallpaper, we've included a download link for your convenience (and ours sometimes too).

Software Development

Need a small app or program? We may be able to help!

Classic IT Support app

Sometimes commercially written programs, if not too expensive, require ongoing subscriptions, or don't quite do the task you have in mind.

Perhaps we can help by developing your small customised stand-alone Windows program that perform specific tasks or display specific information.

All our apps/programs are developed using the Lua platform, and are digitally signed with an EV certificate.


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