Server / URL Online Monitor

Online Server Monitor

Online Server Monitor 

This free Windows standalone application is handy for monitoring a website or a server's online status. Excellent for IT Admins. Leave running on your desktop as it monitors your URL's uptime, and in the case of an outage, receive an audio notification. Uptime shown as DD:HH:MM:SS (since app started or reset at time of outage). Outage notifications may also be manually emailed. Logging every five minutes. Will also log HTML feature, such as server temperature. Free from malware, spyware, installer add-ons, adverts or viruses. Download and monitor your website URL or server today. 

Change Log

Once downloaded, subsequent updates may be obtained from directly within the application. 

Revisions history below:

V1.0.0.31 1:35 PM 2/01/2019 Bug: Fix duplicate logging error.

V1.0.0.30 10/12/2018 Set app to initialise as "always on top" - as it often is utilised in enterprise critical situations on multiple monitors. Add toggle back and front button.

V1.0.0.29 03/12/2018 Add feature to print LOG file to default printer. Update License/Legalese information.

V1.0.0.28 19/11/2018 Relocate LOG file to %appdata% local folder. Add "download latest version" information to LOG file entry.

V1.0.0.27 15/11/2018 Add: Write time and date to LOG file when application closed. General improvements. Add feature to view (or change) server temperature URL. Write change of URL to LOG file and registry for next startup.

V1.0.0.26 07/11/2018 Add License and general legalese information. Add navigation button to License information. Bug Fix: Replace Dialogue.Message with Dialogue.TimedMessage on alert for local internet failure, Dialogue.Message would repeat with numerous instances and therefore would require manually closing each instance. Timed Message now notifies user of local internet outage for 12 seconds, before allowing another 8 seconds idle time before again checking status. Increase size and visual quality of red and green alert status.

V1.0.0.25 01/11/2018 Increase size of LED counter. Various features under development and testing. Aesthetics only: add marbled greyscale background image. Change URL check and logging frequency from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

V1.0.0.24 Change Log display font to Tahoma. Also change Revision History font to Tahoma. Change Update icon to "information" rather than "exclamation". Truncate log file to accommodate longer URLs. Save app screen position to USER registry. Refresh date and time on outage, subsequent to original startup data. Change to custom-created icon.

V1.0.0.23 Remember app screen position on shutdown, and reopen at that position on subsequent startup. Add "Refresh" button to Log file display.

V1.0.0.22 Bug fix: counter not resetting fully on outage by resuming previous total hourly tally after an hour's online resumption. Change counter font. Stop timer counter on outage, and reset to initialise monitoring again. Increase timer timeout to 20 seconds to allow sufficient "ping".

V1.0.0.21 Combine status log with uptime counter log. Sufficient with one shortened log entry per ten minutes.
Correct all date references as appears in log file to European, ie., DD/MM/YYYY
V1.0.0.19 Additional interface refinements. Log "change to new URL" that user may input. (This also gets saved to the registry as the future default URL).
V1.0.0.18 Bug fixes in uptime counter: Set minutes to 00 (instead of 60) at hourly mark, and set 24 hours to 00 when reaching 1 full day. Page.Redraw to remove artifacts from uptime counter. Change app executable to OnlineMonitor.exe Add option to check for updates, and download if there is a newer version.
V1.0.0.17 Redesign Monitor layout to accommodate additional features.
V1.0.0.16 Added URL/server uptime counter to coincide with logging every 10 minutes. Counter resets on outage. Write uptime to log. Seconds not displayed to conserve app footprint.
V1.0.0.15 Fixed alert light showing green instead of red.
V1.0.0.14 Changed colour of status text, with Blue for online and Red for alert. Disable email button when server comes back online - only necessary when alert occurs.
V1.0.0.13 Added feature to email outage details. Set date to European format.
V1.0.0.12 Change position of buttons in log file to prevent accidentally hitting the delete/clear button. Add startup status to log file. Improved log file formatting.
V1.0.0.11 Set log to status record every 10 minutes, rather than only when outage occurs. Added update date and time information every 10 minutes.
V1.0.0.10 Change Information page properties. Change navigation button to Info page.
V1.0.0.9 Various refinements.
V1.0.0.8 Improve ease of access to log file
V1.0.0.7 Add status log file in Documents folder. Stop looped (annoying) audio alert message
V1.0.0.6 Fix error if used for very first time
V1.0.0.5 Add change URL and save to registry
V1.0.0.4 HTTPS not available in this build
V1.0.0.3 Test internet, then check URL
V1.0.0.2 Improve layout.
V1.0.0.1 Setup basic server monitor and test.

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