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  1. 12:54 PM 2/01/2019 V1.0.1.56 Update Help information. Minor improvements.  Change LOG file location to %appdata%\ClassicIT folder.
  2. 4:13 PM 26/12/2018 V1.0.0.55 Additional process to replace URL
  3. 6:40 PM 28/10/2018 V1.0.1.54 Change/improve shutdown/exit procedure.
  4. 9:44 AM 9/10/2018 V1.0.1.53 Fix visual bug of completion tick that would fail to clear when further action is initiated. Reposition hourglass.
  5. 7:47 PM 13/09/2018 V1.0.1.52 If using an AMP theme, then there will be no prompt to process a js file, as the these are loaded from an external source. If user is using an Bootstrap theme, then the Browse and JS buttons will appear in order to process the js file. Speeded up startup time. Next version will also include logging any errors that may occur to the log file - assisting with ongoing app development.
  6. 4:36 PM 28/08/2018 V1.0.1.51 Add prompt prior to clearing log file. This simply avoids accidentally deleting the log file.
  7. 7:27 PM 2/08/2018 V1.0.1.50 Speed up end of processing by approximately 2 seconds, as introduced by the previous revision.
  8. 7:34 PM 31/07/2018 V1.0.1.49 Add process feedback by showing green tick at end of each sequence.
  9. 9:44 AM 11/07/2018 V1.0.1.48 Moved Download button to About page. Now user may download latest updated version to a specific destination folder of their choice. Destination folder now opens once download has completed. Other minor improvements.
  10. 3:02 PM 10/07/2018 V1.0.1.47 Change colour of list box to better reflect function. Create interface to change url and developer/author information in \assets\theme\js\script.js file with new JS button integrated into existing processing sequence. Browse exactly to where js file is located based on location of processed html pages. Remove original duplicate processing scripts from feedback buttons. Add Download button to ChangeLog page, featuring direct download for the latest version of Mobi URL Replacer.
  11. 10:54 AM 9/07/2018 V1.0.0.46 Optimise startup. (Deeper cleaning capability including .js files coming in next release).
  12. 3:52 PM 10/06/2018 V1.0.0.45 Add helpful tips.

  13. 7:24 AM 31/05/2018 V1.0.0.44 Now, your own preferred or latest URL and Author details are remembered in the input fields for next time you use the application. This saves you time by not having to re-type in your authorship and website URL details especially if you're frequently publishing the same website.
  14. 25:11 PM 23/05/2018 V1.0.0.43 Minor tweaks including resizing listbox and GO box. Change text in input fields to better suit growing list of users. Improve contrast of some informational text.
  15. 4:14 PM 17/05/2018 V1.0.0.42 Added additional url of to processing list. Incorporate hourglass to indicate processing activity. Added "Donate" button to About dialogue.
  16. 8:12 PM 8/05/2018 V1.0.0.41 Uploaded newly revised video tutorial on how to use Mobi URL Replacer, and changed link to new standalone URL.
  17. 8:57 AM 16/04/2018 V1.0.0.40 Add hourglass while program initialises at startup. Correct spelling error! Remove optional registration prompt at startup.
  18. 21:41 PM 14/04/2018 V. Additional sticky note helpful hints. Last bug fix reversed for GO button because of issue if user viewed log file mid-processing. New solution is dependent on HTML file being selected. Pre-check box for removal of version branding (user may deselect).
  19. 4:25 PM 13/04/2018 V1.0.0.38 Recreate GO button. Allow alpha transparent placeholder to show, so GO button doesn't disappear altogether during processing. BUG FIXED: GO button error if no web page is selected.
  20. 1:41 PM 12/04/2018 V1.0.0.37 Revise "check for update" dialogue to allow for Yes or No user response.
  21. 11:35 AM 12/04/2018 V1.0.0.36  Refine main interface for optional checkbox. Improve helpful tip information. Online web help, add Back and Forward buttons. Create button to check for latest update, and allow user to browse to download. Added gear icon to assist in distinguishing user and update-related features.
  22. 1.01PM 11/04/2018 V1.0.0.35  Continue development and refinement. Add check box option to remove Mobirise name from version information in header, but leave version number. Update dev environment; bug fix. Add FAQs section to online help menu (accessible via Help button). Update user license information.
  23. 5:57 PM 9/04/2018 V1.0.0.34  Additional refinements. Change splash image. Improve GO button. Retrieve and display current version number from server on "About" page, so users may download latest version.
  24. 11:45 AM 2/04/2018 V1.0.0.33  Create COA hash from hardware signature. Show registration detail on About dialog. Bug fixes from general tests in various scenarios.
  25. 5:09 PM 28/03/2018 V1.0.0.32  Change application icon. Create secure registration server of (Registration will be, of course, voluntary, designed simply to give notification of updates.) Fix bugs in registration process. Add offline help button on Help page. Increase size of information fonts.
  26. 3:01 PM 26/03/2018 V1.0.0.31  Increase size of user input and button font. Add and improve helpful sticky note tips. Improve license information. Check internet connection before downloading latest version. Continue developing registration process. Add online help file.
  27. 3:25 PM 22/03/2018 V1.0.0.30  Relocate Video button. Set check for internet connection before loading YouTube URL. Simplify and improve Help page.
  28. 9:02 AM 21/03/2018 v1.0.0.29 Continue development of end-user license agreement. Optimise usage code. Modify timeout on write-to-registry. Upload video tutorial explaining basic usage of Mobi URL Replacer with link to Youtube video. Add startup splash image. Add additional feedback to sticky note information area.
  29. 12:57 PM 16/03/2018 v1.0.0.28  Work on backend scripting.  Begin development of end-user license and general legalese about being free and not to be sold.
  30. 9:09 AM 12/03/2018 v1.0.0.27  Added feature where "last used folder" information now updates to the current folder being used. Changed background image, improving contrast.
  31. 8:09 AM 15/02/2018 v1.0.0.26  Minor aesthetic tweaks only. (Development is ongoing, even though this project for the moment has reached a reasonable level of maturity).
  32. 12:15 PM 14/02/2018 v1.0.0.25 Visual improvement of status information by using a "sticky note" to differentiate from rest of interface. Improve status note information and display font. Add easter egg for developer information only.
  33. 4:47 PM 12/02/2018 v1.0.0.24 - Optimise code by removing unnecessary comments, and thus allow faster processing. Minor tweaks. Change placement of "GO" button, adding greater ease when processing each HTML page. Remove status graphic. Add status box with additional information displayed during operation.
  34. 10:07 PM 10/02/2018 v1.0.0.23 - Create alternative method of processing the changes per page by combining the five processes into one "GO" button. Add "Please wait..." dialogue during processing. Various performance improvements.
  35. 4:52 PM 7/02/2018 v1.0.0.22 - Further tweak and improve logging of changes made to HTML files. Allow "change" buttons on first page to remain visible after viewing log file mid-use.
  36. 19:06 PM 6/02/2018 v1.0.0.21 - Change format of log file. Add improvements to output. Revise button placement to more intuitively suit general functionality.
  37. 1:12 PM 6/02/2018 v1.0.0.20 - Removed notepad.exe display of log file, and replaced with internal log file display. Added feature to clear log. Log file functions and optimisations.
  38. 2:16 PM 5/02/2018 v1.0.0.19 -Add feature: log file of all processes completed for each web page, and save log file to user's Documents folder. Add time and date to each log entry. Add Email Support button on Help page. Expand Help page with more detailed information.
  39. 9:09 AM 1/02/2018 v1.0.0.18 - Made last used folder path easier to view, especially if path to folder is lengthy. Added several helpful tool tips.
  40. 4:56 PM 30/01/2018 v1.0.0.17 - Added blank tick box to start with, adding visual affirmation and clarity to each completed process.
  41. 9:32 PM 27/01/2018 v1.0.0.16 - Additional refinements and tweaks, including increase font size of "Last used folder.."
  42. 11:45 AM 26/01/2018 v1.0.0.15 - Add timer event for graphic opacity; aesthetic change only. Remove pop-up notification, and add label on-show for last browsed to folder.
  43. 11:01 AM 24/01/2018 v1.0.0.14 - Notify user of previously browsed to HTML folder. Bug fix for first time user, where there isn't yet any saved location data.
  44. 3:35 PM 23/01/2018 v1.0.0.13 - Set user save last opened web page folder. Browse to last web folder. Add Change Log.
  45. 1.00 PM 20/01/2018 v1.0.0.12 - Various tweaks. Add additional process to accommodate placeholder-text instead of URL.
  46. January 2018 v1.0.0.11 - Various improvements and test. Test procedure where one click to clean all instances: failed. Revert to earlier build. Add Change Log. (Earlier builds of Mobi URL Replacer, originally called Mobi Cleaner, not documented).
  47. 3.00 PM 06/01/2018 V1.0.0.8  Improve click each button to process back-link URLs (Earlier 2017 builds not documented.)


Learn how to use Mobi URL Replacer in this short, easy to follow tutorial. Each step is clearly explained, and will make your introduction to this application so much easier. (Developed for Windows only).

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